We offer high end professional
photo retouching

How we work?


1How do I send you images?
- Use Dropbox
- Upload images to our website Gvais Upload
- Send via E-mail
2How does the payment process work?
- We accept payments via PayPal or Skrill.
- You can pay for your order after the work is done.
In this case you will receive the email with the payment requirements.
After the payment is complete you get the link where you can download your edits.
3Price info
The price range is $10 - $25 per image depending on what needs to be done and how much time it takes.
You can get the exact estimate by send us the photo for review.

If you have a promo code send it via email with the images.
4How do I get a discount?
You get discount when a single order has more than 10 images.
10 images - 10% off
20 images - 15% off
30 images - 20% off

You can also find a discount promo code on our website on random days.
5What is the turnaround time?
Our retouchers doing their best to complete your orders as soon as possible.
For example if your order is 1-2 images you will receive it in 24 hours.
But sometimes the particular photos require more work, so the exact time of completion will be announced after we see your images.
6Can I get a free edit to see our work?
You can receive one free edited photo if you have a promo code “1 free photo”.
Otherwise we do not do TFP work. You can see our skills at Before & After..